Explain like I'm five

We as developers have a tendency to make things complicated. My intention is to explain things in a very simple manner first, and then dive into details when needed.

Dejan Kostevski

My goals for 2021

  1. 🔲 Publish more blog posts (20-25)
  2. 🔲 Create a boiler plate(s) with Webpack, React, Next.js, TypeScript, testing
  3. 🔲 Finish all the learning resources for vanilla JS
  4. 🔲 Create a plan to write about all the ES6+ features
  5. 🔲 Bit by bit improve the visuals and the UX of this website
  6. 🔲 At the end of the year I want to be at least somewhat satisfied with the overall look and feel of the website
  7. 🔲 Publish an NPM package
  8. 🔲 Finish Scrum Poker Cards project and start at least one more side project
  9. 🔲 Have below 10 items in Pocket
  10. 🔲 Pass the B1 OIF exam
  11. 🔲 Train regularly (at least two times a week)
  12. 🔲 Create a training goal
  13. 🔲 Create a training schedule
  14. ✅ Finish all german lessons in Duolingo
  15. 🔲 Learn the tools for post processing RAW photos
  16. 🔲 Improve scene selection when taking photos