Explain like I'm five

We as developers have a tendency to make things complicated. My intention is to explain things in a very simple manner first, and then dive into details when needed.

Dejan Kostevski

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Cleanup projects to eliminate problems

Making sure your project is nice and tidy will eliminate a world of problems which you do not have…


Goals 2021 update 1/16

I have finished one of my goals for 2021: "Finish all german lessons in Duolingo". This one was the…


2020 Year in Review

What a year to start the "Year in Review" column on my blog, huh?! Anyway, with this and subsequent…


What is a RSS feed

RSS is that term you hear and see a lot but never really bother to understand what it does. It is…


Leveling up as a programmer

Have you ever had that feeling like you know everything in programming and there is nothing you can…


Just another blog on the block

For a long time I wanted to start writing a blog. Today, I have finally made it. Welcome to my blog…