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Great learning resources

Published: 13.08.2022

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A list of awesome learning resources about various topics, but mainly for Frontend development, curated by me


Learning resources

Every now and then I get a question from people: Where do I start learning programming? Which courses, books, blogs to go through? Do you have some learning resource for topic "xyz"???

These questions come from junior developers and people just starting out with programming. I remember quite well how lost I felt at the beginning of my journey. It wasn't structured. I had to find good resources myself. I had no mentor in the beginning. There was a lot of trial and error of what works for me.

I want future generations to avoid this. Hence, I created this list of all the great resources I personally went through. I can wholeheartedly suggest all the resources in this repo. It is my attempt to group all the great places you can learn things that I know. Most of those are free, but there are also some great paid ones.

My list

The list contains pages with various different topics, like:

  • General
  • CSS
  • CleanCode
  • CodeEditor
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • NodeJs
  • React
  • OOP
  • Testing
  • GraphQL
  • Databases
  • Git
  • Linux

Each of them has its own subsections. The grouping might not be ideal, but I am constantly adding to the list. I will be revising the structure when I see the need for it.

It is quite handy and it proved its worth already in several different situations. Whenever I get a question about where to get better at "xyz", I can just send a link to the list. It is super convenient and useful.


With this post I wanted to share what I have been working on for the past 10 months or so. This list will grow with time, of course. Hopefully, it can help some of you out there. 🤞

Dejan Kostevski

I am a self-taught Web Developer. My mission is to explain things in a simple but understandable way. During the years, I have helped several Junior Developers kick start their careers, land an internship or a job or just in general get over the coding hurdle that they have encountered.

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